The Founder’s Story

alexandra-boosAlexandra Boos has been a curvy model with the Ford Agency in New York City for over two decades with an insider’s view of the glamorous industries of fashion and beauty. She has always utilized her career as a platform to talk about issues of self-esteem and self-acceptance.  It is a core belief that by loving, honoring and accepting yourself, you are able to love, honor and accept others.  Then from this place of acceptance and loving self, a motivation is born to better oneself

Additionally, nine years ago her mother was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer. Sharing the journey of chemotherapy, radiation, hair loss, fatigue, breast surgery, and more allowed her to witness firsthand the devastating effects recovering from breast cancer can have physically, emotionally and spiritually. Depression and self-image can have a large impact on recovery. Her mother only wanted to look and feel like herself in order to enjoy each moment of her life. So many of the products she required to feel empowered, such as her wig and skincare after radiation, were costly and not covered by insurance. The uninsured and underserved should never have to choose between paying for a product that allows them to recover with dignity or a basic bill for survival.

Alexandra now utilizes her career as a platform to invite the glamorous industries of fashion, beauty, health, fitness, music, television and film to empower women and youth as well as invite breast health care providers to meet the needs of breast cancer patients.

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