handsOur gratitude goes out to the following companies who are supporting Luminous Breast Cancer Foundation.

Amoena provides a better quality of life for women following breast surgery. We wish to fulfill their need for femininity, to restore a positive body image and renew confidence and self-esteem.   For more information about Amoena, please visit their website at http://www.amoena.com/us

Untitled-1 Since 1992 Pulsar Advertising has been helping clients both large and small turn their marketing ripples into remarkable waves.  For more information about Pulsar, please visit their website at www.pulsaradvertising.com

Edgeworks is an integrated online marketing and development company. The team is led by industry pioneer Bruce Lupin, who has been building and marketing websites since 1994.  For more information about Edgeworks Group, please visit their website at www.edgeworksgroup.com

Recover with Confidence is a nation-wide program who partners the medical community with the most respected Hair Loss Specialists in the nation to provide a warm, safe and compassionate environment to women who are losing their hair due to their medical treatments.  Recover with Confidence partners are committed, highly trained and certified, licensed cosmetologists who truly want to help a women through their recovery.  Recover with Confidence offers beautiful wigs and products specifically created for women whose skin is very sensitive.  All materials are soft, natural, breathable, and very comfortable and we make the experience relaxing and pleasurable.  For more information go to: www.recoverwithconfidence.com.