How We Serve

How We Serve

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Educational Programs for Children and Teens

You Glow Girl

Young girls idolize models and celebrities and are very receptive to the messages they deliver.  Using accomplished current or former models and entertainers as instructors, our energetic youth programs positively address pertinent issues such as:

Note: Upon request, we will happily tailor a youth program to accommodate co-ed groups.

Educational Programming For Adults

Adults gain confidence from optimistic guidance that reminds them of their worth and encourages them to shine by accentuating both their inner and outer attributes.

Shapes of Style (S.O.S.)

Fashion is not one size fits all despite the message often portrayed in media.  S.O.S. answers the distress call of all women struggling to increase their self-esteem and fashion confidence.  The diverse S.O.S. team members share shape specific dressing tips with special emphasis on individual body awareness and acceptance.

Altered Assets

The journey recovering from breast cancer shouldn’t seize your sense of style.  This uplifting program focuses on style savvy for women questioning their self-image following breast surgery.  Special attention is given to renewing self-assurance and addressing fit and flattery concerns.

Products For The Uninsured and Underserved Breast Cancer Patient

A breast cancer diagnosis no longer needs to extinguish inner light and stop patients from embracing their journey with passion and hope. In 2010 Luminous Foundation founded, in conjunction with 3 other non-profits, the All4One Alliance.  The Alliance created a collective fund, the All4One Breast Form Fund, committed to help paying for breast prosthesis (sometimes called breast forms) and other post-mastectomy products.  Please go to the application page to get help.