New Name and New Expanded Mission


To empower women and youth through fashion and entertainment.

Luminous Breast Cancer Foundation has broadened our mission to become Luminous Foundation.  One arm of the Foundation will continue to marry the best in breast health care with the fashion and entertainment industries in order to provide products for the uninsured and underserved breast cancer patient.  But now our focus reaches beyond breast cancer to instill self-acceptance and confidence in all women and our precious youth.

Our Philosophy

Begin by loving, honoring and accepting yourself and you are then able to love, honor and accept those around you.

Within each of us is a luminous inner glow when we are standing in our power and living our life to the fullest.  Luminous Foundation is committed to teaching youth, and reminding women, that self-acceptance is the beginning of authentic power. Embracing our own differences opens us to respecting the differences in others and paves the way to transforming the world.  The idolized industries of fashion and entertainment have a unique opportunity to give a voice and promote awareness in these areas inviting all to……be radiant, be you.